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  1. Please ensure that all players are supervised and report on time for registration by 9.20am. (Registration must be completed by 9.30am)

  2. All bowls will be checked by the umpires before commencement of play.

  3. Bowls Scotland rules for stamping will apply.

  4. Please ensure that all players are supervised throughout the day and are on the correct green and rink at the correct time during the day for commencement of play.

  5. Players who turn up within 3 minutes after commencement of play will be permitted to play without further time being added.

  6. Players who turn up after 3 minutes of commencement of play, they will not be permitted to play and their opponent will be awarded 2 points and 2 shots.

  7. The player/players will be permitted to play in subsequent games.

  8. Score card will be issued by green controller (singles only)

  9. There is no trial end

  10. All games in the National finals will be 40 minutes duration (round robin, semi final and final).

  11. All singles games will be of 40 minutes duration or 21 shots, whichever occurs first (round robin, semi final and final)

  12. When the bell/whistle/hooter sounds for the finish of the game, the end in progress must be completed.

  13. If the mat is properly set and the jack is in motion, the end will be deemed in progress and must be completed.

  14. The umpires decision will be final.

  15. Please ensure that the score on the card is correct, before handing to an umpire for checking, as cards cannot be changed.

  16. On receipt of the card from the umpire, the skip must sign before handling to the green controller.

  17. Only the winner of each section will play in the semi finals. The District with the highest number of shots in each game will be awarded 2 points. In the event of a draw 1 point will be awarded to each District.

    1. Should two or more Districts finish with equal points the aggregate shots up will be used to determine the winners. (Aggregate shots up being the total shots won in all matches minus the total shots lost in all matches).

    2. In the event of two District finishing equal on points and aggregate shots up the result of the match between both Districts will be used to determine the winner

    3. Should more than two Districts finish equal on points and aggregate shots up the number of winning rinks, then the number of ends won in all matches will be used to determine the winners.

  18. If a game is abandoned because of bad weather or any extenuating circumstances, then that game becomes null and void and the Committee can then reschedule the game to re-start from scratch at a future date

  19. Dress Code. Grey/black (trousers/skirts),white top, club or District Colours (all members of pairs and triples must dress the same). Gents/ladies trousers should be dress or tailored trousers.

  20. Waterproofs do NOT require to be white.